I'm new here

Are you new to the area?

Ebenezer is situated on Columbus Ravine, just above Peasholm Park on the North Bay of Scarborough. We are a charismatic, outgoing, community based church. Our aim is to equip ‘ordinary’ men and women to be used by God and make a difference wherever they are! We want our church to become a whole-life disciple making community that catches on to our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.
Whether you are young or old, single or married, quiet or loud, working or not. God wants to use you and we would love you to be a part of our family. Have a look on our ‘What’s on’ page to find a group that you can join. Alternatively you could come and join us on a Sunday morning from 10.30 or evening from 18.30, or come to one of our regularly featured free events. 

Are you new to the church?

Whether this is the first time you’ve even thought about coming to church or you’re coming back after a bit of an absence, here at Ebenezer we welcome you wholeheartedly.  Don’t think you’re on your own!  Within our church family we have lots of people who were once in your shoes and will be willing to share their stories with you.
We have a wide range of things going on at Ebenezer and we are certain you will find what you are looking for whilst you’re here with us. Check out our ‘What’s on’ page to find something that catches your eye. The church is here for you, and we will help you find any of those big questions that you have.

It's not all about Sunday 

We try and cater for everyone's needs and our 'Missional Communities' and Home Groups are on at varies times and locations throughout the week and month. So if you're more comfortable sitting with a brew on a sofa, in a bar or cafe or down by the beach, then so are we. The church is not about the building but about the people and you are as important as those who've been coming to church all their lives. We would love you to be apart of our family! Surely it's worth a look in?


For more info contact Neil on 07850 846641or Gordon on 01723 581625